“It’s an incredible place to learn!  I can’t say enough, this school is unique and very special.” “...We couldn’t have asked for a better beginning for our children. How fortunate for them that it was Creative Minds which paved their learning path.  We feel confident that with this excellent beginning our children will enjoy a successful and rewarding educational future.” “My daughter has blossomed from the one-on-one and small group interactions combined with the quality teachings at Creative Minds.  Importantly, my daughter’s positive experience has cultivated her own natural desire to learn ... It fostered her curiousity and creativity and allowed her to experience the excitement of learning in a wonderful environment with a curriculum tailored to her individual needs.  She has learned to be organized, independent, and empowered.  She’s open to try new things, ask deeper questions and has begun her journey to develop her fullest potential.” -Janet L. -Janice G. -Liz M.