Destination Planning – Why Your Destination Matters


Destination Planning – Why Your Destination Matters

Destinations for exports are important both for the exporter as well as the importer. Where a product is being sent to make it more accessible or cheaper for a consumer, it is an important destination. The location to which something or someone is being shipped or heading. Other more popular destinations used by exporters worldwide are Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba and Turkey.

Most often, however, when choosing a destination for tourism, there are two major factors that are thought about. One is availability of available accommodation and the second is finding a place to visit which provides the kind of experience people are imagining. Usually the destination chosen by exporters of goods is one where they can see what they’re buying. Unfortunately, there is very little scope for deviation from the standard. But then again, if exporters want to find themselves amid a unique destination offering something different, they need to look beyond the usual.

For example, an exporter may choose to send tourists to Kenya instead of visiting the usual “interester destinations” in the local area. Kenya offers more than just scenery though. It is a vibrant, urban country where people live, work and play. Exporters who set out to transport tourists to the “more interesting” destinations should bear in mind that Kenya has become a major tourist destination thanks to its mix of culture and geography. There are many potential destinations for tourists who want to be apart of this evolution.

Travel guides will normally list several destinations which are suitable for holidaying as a tourist. The best way to determine which of these are good for the purpose is to determine the level of accessibility to the destination, meaning whether visitors have their own transport and accommodation requirements. If the destination falls in the category of remote destinations, it makes sense to consider sending tourists to more distant places. Otherwise, it might take so long to reach the destination and then the trip would turn out to be a waste of time and resources, besides being tiring and expensive. In the case of a remote destination like Vengesayi, all three aspects can be satisfied by sending holidaymakers to Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi.

One of the other important factors that can influence the choice of the most ideal destination is tourism business, or the place branding aspect. There are many companies which excel in destination branding. These companies are well-known for creating and promoting a specific image for tourist destinations. For example, there are companies that design and create resorts and hotels and give them a distinct brand name. If you pick up a copy of a travel guide about Kenya, you will find numerous locations that have been identified as a premier tourist spots – and almost all these places have at least one resort and hotel identifiable in the place branding scheme.

Apart from the place branding, the social meaning of the destination is also very crucial. For example, most people who go to Kenya are going there on business. The place and its surroundings matter a lot to them. It is also believed that once you have experienced Kenya, you will never want to go back to your home country. Thus, a popular myth states that visitors to a particular destination become extremely attached to it and even consider it to be their home away from home. Therefore, when you are choosing a destination, make sure it has a social meaning and reputation that will draw tourists in large numbers and ensure your stay is enjoyable.