Destinations and Social Meaning

British Airways is on a mission to give its passengers some exciting and exclusive Destinations for their travel. The airline is also teaming up with other airlines to offer more discounted deals on airfares. There is also a strong long road ahead to reach its final destination but no need to be morbid about the destination. With unrivaled diving sites, it’s a favorite destinations for adventurous divers from across the globe.

Destination marketing is an important aspect of any travel industry. Most of the large companies have a designated area within their empire where they invest heavily in promoting their respective products and services. In the case of tourism, the same strategy can be applied to business travel. Destinations is one such area in travel industry which gets a considerable amount of investment by different entities. Tourism generates major revenue for any country and also forms the basic source of livelihood for many.

Every year, various new destinations are developed and tourism makes up a major part of any country’s economy. It is estimated that approximately 35% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from tourism and most of this value is earned through tourism. Destinations can either be planned as a whole or can be segmented into numerous islands and cays. Some of the most sought after destinations include:

Caribbean & Mexican cruises – Cruising through the enchanting Caribbean waters is one of the best ways to enjoy the rich culture and natural resources of these islands. The region has innumerable islands and islets that are home to diverse culture and tradition. A cruise through these islands is highly entertaining and tourists can experience the exotic flavors of different Caribbean cultures. It is also one of the most preferred destinations of adventure tourism as it offers a plethora of opportunities to explore and feel the thrill of the ocean.

The list of South East Asian countries that are considered as most popular destination by both domestic and international tourists is immense. Thailand, the largest kingdom in South east Asia, is home to Phuket, Ko Phang Nagn, Krabi Chiang Mai, Ko Tao Phu, Koh Samui, Krabi, Phi Island, Koh Chang, and Koh Rou National Park. Other tourists destinations in this region include Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, and Philippines. It is not surprising to note that each of these countries enjoy a vibrant tourism industry that attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe.

Social Impact of Destination Brands: Today, destination branding plays an important role in the promotion of any business. Most of the big companies spend millions on advertising and travel. Destinations are much cheaper than other marketing mediums and offer huge potential in cost cutting. In recent times, tourism destinations have been focusing more on the social message of the place rather than the image of the place or the facilities offered. To make the people come to the destination and experience the wonderful and the unique social life, the place branding should be well designed so that there are clear messages about the place, such as the history, environment, culture, education, entertainment, art, cuisine, and sports etc. Therefore, destination branding is not just alluring looks but also the social meaning attached to it.